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Come and reap the benefits of my love for humanity and my search for simple ways of knowing, allowing and experiencing who we truly are – Magnificent, Powerful Spirit with a brilliant mind, open blissful loving heart, activated third eye and pineal gland, genetic engineers and much more. 

Come and join us in our two day workshop and you will be equipped for a creative lifetime of happiness, youthfulness and enhanced quality of life. 

Why a 2 day workshop plus 3 hrs of home study?

GHP offers a massive quantum leap in consciousness, provides tools to regenerate and rejuvenate this body.  Wouldn’t  it be so AWESOME to know how, make a deliberate conscious choice to have a youthful and healthy body while radiating your wholeness in your daily life?

I have spent over 40 years of searching, learning, practising many modalities and observing the evolution of science and spirituality. For thousands of years the ancient sages stated that this physical reality is merely a changing illusion and now science has agreed. Transmutation of one element to another, the old alchemy of copper into gold is also supported by nuclear science. Quantum physics proved that as an observer, we manifest a specific reality. Meditation is the doorway into the inner self, mysticism is an expression of the spirit. What gives us love and joy?

On this physical realm, we have laws governing it. We have our minds to analyse and conclude within our limited human perspective and wisdom to discern. We have the heart that expresses infinite unconditional love. So far we have seen that a brilliant intellect does not create a fulfilling life without the heart and soul.

Why a 2 day workshop plus 3 hrs of home study?

From my vast accumulation of experience and knowledge I understood the trilogy of illusion/reality, mind and emotion. The mind, imagination is the bridge between the physical and the energetic spiritual realms. The mind is powerful and can be trained to serve in the most beneficial way to heal,restore and maintain our well being on all levels.. Feelings are triggered by mind and the two together within this body, attracts and manifests both the internal and external reality. 

The spirit is beyond thoughts and feelings but  our identification with them stops our connection with our true self, the powerful spirit.  With the understanding of this potential obstacle, I have designed the home study section to prepare the mind to go outside this physical space and time limitations.  Train it to focus and be still with meditation. Rewire the brain into the Theta state and expand the mind for ease of reprogramming and embracing the NEW knowledge. With so much extraordinary information, the mind needs a little tweaking to speed up the learning process.

As the mind becomes focused and in coherence with the heart, through our human vehicle, our powerful spirit can freely express the full potential in our moment to moment human experience, without obstacles created by mind. 

Come and reap the benefits of knowing, allowing and experiencing who we truly are:

A Magnificent Powerful Spirits, creating with consciousness infinite possibilities.  

Would YOU like to learn the skilful art of how to? 
A FREE sample process

Graceful Healing Pathways Cell Regeneration Process

Course contents

Learn, Understand and Practice:

1.     Universal calibration lattice exercise; calibration of the human body energy system to the frequency of your divine spirit. Shortcut to calibrate instantly.
Visualise the 11 Octahedrons energetic geometry within our bodies to enhance our intuition and psychic abilities.
Unfold the mystery and power of our 12 layer multidimensional DNA and access this vital DNA knowledge for creative mastery of our daily lives.
Using the 6 laws of the mind to achieve mastery of the conscious and subconscious mind in the management of responses to daily life.
Maximise our brain power, be our own genetic engineers and assist others to be the same.
Activate our third eye, pineal gland,,expand and use more of our mind power to change our perception and manifest a different improved reality instantly.
Exercises to be a skilful observer with a coherent open heart and clear mind, creating better feeling thoughts instantly.
Use specific meditation music and instructions to rewire the neural pathways in order to trigger a short cut to a theta brain state and find inner peace and joy.
Train the brain to be in a Theta state at will, store new knowledge and delete limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind.
Retrieve the memory of our correct healthy original blueprint from our soul DNA.
Activate the memories of the original 9 newborn cells and 8 screens of development of the foetus to override  current worn out DNA replications.
Precise method to reinvent yourself and allow the universal law of attraction to unfold in awesome predictable ways for you.
*** Many processes for cell/organ regeneration; communicating healing intentions for the transformation of diseased cells, regeneration of missing organs  and more.
Initialise the frequency necessary for the transformation of our carbon based cells to crystalline based cells.
Group scenarios to apply acquired NEW knowledge.
Question and answer plus feedback time. 

***Expanded content on cell regeneration component

1.  Introduction.
2.  The Tree of Life
3.  The Structure of our Soul.
4.  The Soul walk.
5.  The Crystal of my Soul.
6.  Attainment of the Sphere of Living Matter.
7.  Clearing Blocks .
8.  Clean up of our Past on High Soul Level
9.  Change of Events – Change of Past
10.  Step out of Foreign Events
11. Regeneration of the Spine; Re establish the Energy informative Points.
12. Transformation of diseased leader Cell / Cube of Information
13. The Shield of Life
14. The Energy of Life – E = V S.
15. The Temple of my Soul- My Creator Name
16. Change of events – Family Constellation
17. The Area of Creating Information
18. Restoration of Health with the Cylinder of Ice
19. Solving situations with the Informative Centre
20. Change of Situations.
21. Tooth Regeneration
22. Organ Regeneration.
23. Liberation of Curses / Light Pillar spinning… Toxins…depression.
24. Restoration of Health and Control of Events with Geometrical Forms
     Converter (Extruder).     
25. The Regeneration of Health with Number Codes
22. The Light Stream of the Creator 
     – the Periodic Table of the Elements./vitamins
23. The Space around One's Body:
       '1 cm' and the 'Outstretched Arm'
24. The Energetic Cleansing of Rooms [2]   with the help of Spheres
25.  Archiving point —– general regeneration
26.  Birth Defect  ……………….  Converter.
27.  Heart crystal.
28. Transplant solution .
29. Digestive system
30.  Autism process  .
31.  Generic Cancer  process .
32.  Abundance process .
33.  Eyes .
34.  Weight issue .
35.  Treating the treatment
36.  Multidimensional clearing .
37.  Chemical balance 
38.  Protection Umbrella
39.  Youthful process .

Come and join us in our 2 two day fun-filled life transforming workshop. You will be equipped for a creative lifetime of joy and enhanced quality of life. …..
Come learn, practice and be confident.

Graceful Healing Pathways Cell Regeneration Process Workshop.             
Course Fee $350
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